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Best vacation packages for A fourth version of the constellation igure was also prevalent around the turn of the ages. Teukros Teucer of Bab ylon portrayed Virgo as a goddess sitting on a throne. Teukros is an important representative of Babylonian astrology at the time of Jesus’s birth; indeed he is the only Babylonian astrologer of the time that we know anything about. Speciically, Teukros of Babylon describes the sign of Virgo as a certain goddess seated on a throne and nursing a child. Some say that she is the goddess Isis in the Atrium nursing Horus. Although restricting a large constellation igure like Virgo to a -degree zone to get it to work as a zodiacal sign naturally results in distortion, and so cannot accurately capture the underlying constellation igure, Teukros nevertheless gives us a good sense of how she was envisioned and a general idea of her proportions. In his description of the sign of Virgo, Teukros locates Spica two-thirds of the way down. Best vacation packages 2016.

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