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Best vacation destinations for Seneca, following the Babylonians, had more sensible ideas concerning comets. He accurately predicted that one day a human will be able to show the regions in which comets have their orbits, why their course is so far from the other stars, what size they are, and of what they are constituted Seneca, Natural Questions Unfortunately, it was Aristotle’s atmospheric view of comets that dominated Western thinking about comets until the modern era. These hairy stars, as the Egyptians and Greeks thought of comets, were widely regarded by the ancients as heralds of important events on Earth. The Romans, particularly the ruling elite, could assign great signiicance to the appearance of comets. For example, Suetonius, Nero , relates how Nero, in the middle of the irst century AD, responded to a comet during his latter years It chanced that a comet had begun to appear on several successive nights, a thing which is commonly believed to portend the death of great rulers. Worried by this, and learning from the astrologer Balbillus that kings usually averted such omens by the death of some distinguished man, thus turning [the omens from themselves upon the heads of the nobles, he resolved on the death of all the eminent men of the State. Rulers from across the ancient world, from Europe to the Near East to the Far East, were acutely aware of the need to be kept abreast of any strange astronomical phenomena, in particular eclipses and comets, that might augur ill for them, their dynasty, or their kingdom. Best vacation destinations 2016.

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