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Profit taking. The sale of shares on the stock exchange in order to realize capital appreciation. When share prices rise and then fall back again as sellers appear, including those who bought the shares in the expectation that the price would rise, the fall off in prices is said to be the result of profit taking. stag.

Programme, planning, budgeting system (P.P.B.S.). An approach to the activities of government and other non-profit-making operations which attempts to take into account the objectives they are expected to achieve, the resources available and the way these interrelate so as to use limited resources in the most effective way. It proceeds by (a) breaking down broad programmes (health, defence, education, etc.) into detailed sub-programmes, (b) devising methods of measuring the level of output of the sub-programmes and of evaluating the resources required to provide this output, (c) clarifying the objectives laid down by the policy-makers in respect of the broad programmes, and possibly the sub-programmes, (d) finding the least-cost ways of meeting these objectives, and (e) clarifying the opportunity costs’ cost) of these objectives e.g. one extra university implies fifty fewer secondary schools and thus in turn helping to formulate future policy objectives. It is an attempt to introduce rational methods of management into an


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