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Best vacation deals for Conclusion In this chapter I have made a case for regarding the Star seen by the Magi in the east and then in Bethlehem as a narrowly inclined, retrograde, long-period comet that, around the time of its close perihelion, rose heliacally and thereafter crossed the Sun-Earth line to be on the western and eventually the southern side of Earth. Not only are the alternative theories fundamentally lawed as we showed in chapter , but the comet hypothesis its perfectly with the entire narrative of Matthew. The so-called Bethlehem Star was undoubtedly a comet star. Having concluded that the Star seen by the Magi was a comet, we shall in the following chapter turn to the task of identifying the celestial scene that greeted the Magi’s eyes in the eastern sky and caused them to make their way to Judea. How did the comet reveal so much information to the Magi, namely, that someone had just been born, that he was divine in nature and hence worthy of worship, and that this person was the King of the Jews? Yon Virgin Mother and Child The Celestial Wonder Introduction In the previous chapter I argued that the Star of Bethlehem could only have been a comet. Indeed I suggested that only an intrinsically bright, very large, narrowly inclined, retrograde, long-period comet could have done what Matthew recounts concerning the Bethlehem Star. However, one key question remains what in particular did the comet do to convince the Magi that, if they embarked on a long journey westward to Judea, they would be able to ind a newborn king? We know from Matthew that the part of the cometary apparition that played the decisive role in prompting the Magi to go to Judea related to the comet’s heliacal rising. Best vacation deals 2016.

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