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BREVIARIUM HIPPONENSE 6.The ancient Christian authors mention the use of bread in the Mithraic cult Just. 1 Apol.66, 4; Tertull. De praescr.

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Best US vacations 40, 4, among the heretics Clem.

Alex. Strom. I, 19,96, 1; Epiph. Pan.30, 16, in the gnostic rites Clem.

Alex. Exc. Ex Theod. 82 and among the Manicheans Aug. C.

Faust.20,13. In addition to the texts cited, see TRE 1, 229-278 bibl. ; LTK3 703-706.

For the presence of the term bread in ancient Christian authors, see A.Blaise – H.Chirat, Dictionnaire latinfran§ais des auteurs chrtiens, Strasbourg 1945, 591; Lampe 231- 232; for the presence of the term bread in Augustine, see PL 46, 484-485.

For the countless times in which bread was used in a eucharistic sense, see J.Solano, Textos eucar­sticos primitivos, BAC 88 and 118, Madrid 1962 and 1964 especially the index of vol. II, 846-847 and 887; L'Eucaristia nei Padri della Chiesa, Dizionario di spiritualit biblico patristica,  Rome 1998.

For the interpretation of the bread of Mt 6:11 and Lk 11: 3, see also the entry on the Lord's Prayer. For the use of the breaking of bread in the liturgy, see: DACL 5, 2103-2116; EC 5, 1564-1565.

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