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By this elementary catechesis the Christians came to be recognized as a new group which clearly distinguished itself from Jews and Greeks Gal 3:28. 1 Pet late 1st early 2nd c. seems to be a primitive baptismal catechesis N. Brox, Der 1 Petrusbrief: EvKathKomm 21 1979 19-22. Then came a more structured instruction, Best US tourist destinations taking its cue from salvation history OT in Christ C.H. Dodd, According to the Scriptures, London 1952, 126-127. Later, the forms of the kerygma and catechesis were adapted to the addressees see C. Bissoli, Tracce catechistiche negli scritti del NT: Historiam Perscrutari, 467-481 bibl.; B. Maggioni, Ges¹ comunicatore della fede, ibid., 513-520; G. Leonardi, Il metodo educativo della comunit  ebraica e di Ges¹ con i suoi discepoli. Continuit  e innovazioni, ibid., 483-511 bibl.; G.P. Peron, Seguitemi! Vi far² pescatori di uomini Mk 1,17, Rome 2000 bibl.. Later, the communities prayed the Our Father, as an initiation in prayer Gal 4:1-7: here 6 and Rom 8:5-17; S. Sabugal, Il Padre nostro, Rome 41994, 28-36: Lk and Mt. 2. Apostolic Fathers. The Didache K. Niederwimmer, Die Didache: KommApostV¤t 1 1989; H. van SandtD. Flusser, The Didache: CompRerIudNT 3,5, Assen 2002 has links with both Judaism and paganism. This catechetical, liturgical and disciplinary manual, intermediary between the NT and the apostolic Fathers, appears between 5070 J.-P. Audet, La Didach. Instruction des Ap´tres, Paris 1978, 219, or later. It is addressed to a disciple, perhaps pagan. It includes the decalogue; chs. 11-13, on the apostles, prophets and teachers, may go back to Syrian Antioch ibid., to a pagan community see Bishop; Diakonia – Diaconate. The eschatological part ch. 16 goes back to Jewish tradition. The teaching of the two ways ch. 1, ethical-wisdom OT and nondualistic, takes up a Jewish model Dt 30:15, enriching it with the commandment to love S. Giet, L’nigme de la Didach, Paris 1970, 56-71 and with elements of the Sermon on the Mount. The didaskaloi have a role similar to that of Jewish didaskaloi ibid., 29-30. The two ways owe to the Manual of Discipline 3,15-22 of Qumran the whole framework of their development J.-P. Audet 159, animating it with love of God and neighbor Mt 5:3 7:27; Lk 6:20-49; A. Sand, Goldene Regel: LTK3 4,821-822. The result is something like a set of notes following the primitive catechesis. A treatise on virtues and vices, an essential catechetical space, prior to baptism, something like catechesis for new converts V. Saxer, Les rites, 37-40; G. Schllgen, Art.

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