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CCL 149, 193-194; Hfl-Lecl II, 120-121; Palazzini 1, 256. In 400 no council was held at Carthage, perhaps because of the tensions between Christians and pagans aroused by the law of 399. In 401, however, there were two councils. On 15 June the bishops of Proconsularis met. Aurelius submitted for approval the petitions he thought should be presented to the authorities overseas CCL 149, 194-198. He renewed a suggestion of the Council of Carthage of 397, which would have enabled him to admit some converted Donatists to major orders RC 47: CCL 149, 186. Best US summer vacations Consulted previously about this, the churches of Rome and Milan rejected it. Aurelius proposed to make another attempt to convince Anastasius, the new pope, and Venerius, the new bishop of Milan, of its necessity and legitimacy, bearing in mind the distressed circumstances of the African churches RC 57: CCL 149, 145. The legation was also to ask the emperor for a group of provisions against the idols, temples and banquets of the pagans RC 58 and 60, and against the entertainments offered on Sundays and Christian feast days RC 60. It was also to ask for various regulations to strengthen the authority of ecclesiastical tribunals RC 59 and 62, to ensure protection for converts RC 63 and to proceed to the freeing of slaves in churches RC 64. CCL 149, 194-198; Hfl-Lecl II, 125-126; Palazzini 1, 257. The plenary council of 401 met at Carthage on 13 September. Meanwhile, Pope Anastasius’s reply, exhorting the bishops to continue the struggle against Donatism, had reached Africa. Eager to restore the unity of the churches and not wishing to offend the majesty of the pope, the Fathers resolved on a final effort to restore religious peace RC 66 and 69. The assembly also issued various disciplinary canons: it particularly reminded the higher clergy of their obligations of continence RC 70 and stability RC 71.

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