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Over time, parents unresolved conflicts with each other affect their parenting skills so they become overcontrolling and less warm with their children so their older teens are more withdrawn and depressed or suffer from low-self-esteem. Researchers who have carried out many of these studies have become so concerned about the widespread effects of marital conflicts on parents and children that they have developed a four-session preventive program to teach parents how to solve marital disagreements constructively so parents are respectful of each others emotional needs and seek to find win-win solutions. These changes, they believe, lead to greater marital satisfaction for parents and greater emotional security for children, thereby reducing children’s depressed moods, their difficulties in schools, and in relations with peers. After the initial assessment, couples attend four sessions, lasting about two to two and a half hours each. Each session includes a didactic session of thirty to forty-five minutes, a one-on-one coaching session with a facilitator to train the couple and practice constructive problem solving, and reviews of diaries of conflict resolutions that occurred in the previous week.

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