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7.3-litre V8 diesels, most Martiniques boasted Volvo Penta’s six-cylinder turbodiesels. The normal choice for 36 and 38 models was 200hp AD41s, providing a top speed of around 30 knots. The 39 got more horsepower and bigger fuel tanks. Volvo’s uprated 230hp KAMD42 engines provide a few extra knots for the top end and cruising speeds.

You’ll also find boats with Yamaha’s ME420 240hp turbo-diesel. These six-cylinder units have a hydraulic outdrive leg, giving smoother gear engagement than the competition. The chunkier drive housing needs an annual oil change to maintain the silky linkage but has proven very reliable. What may not be quite so dependable is the automotive grade loom and circuitry that can suffer in the salty air.
With the Volvos check that the belts (compressor, water pump etc) are up to scratch and that the outdrive legs exhaust risers have been maintained – if not, it’s an expensive engine-out job. There is also a question mark over the aftercooler (sometimes described as the intercooler) housing’s bronze top plate

Twin Yamaha ME420s on a 39. A good powerhouse but check that the circuitry has survived a life at sea.
Twin 200hp Volvo AD41s on a 36. This thoroughly sound engine should deliver a healthy 30 knots.

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