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Best us cities to visit in summer on Various leaderships and members have shaped and reshaped their forms of organization, their own capacities, and the tasks they set for themselves. All the while, they were practically testing various theories concerning the nature and possibilities of their own movement and the character, interests and the capabilities of their antagonists. It is worth mentioning that the leading theories about labor or labor movements are in actuality the direct generalization of the real experiences of the working class. Marx reformulated his theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Communist Manifesto after the Paris Commune. In the Commune, it was revolutionary workers themselves, who demonstrated for Marx some of the basic principles of a worker’s democracy: payment of all officials at workers’ wages; election and recall of all delegates; replacement of the standing army by armed workers; and so on. The Commune lasted for less than two months, and more than 30 years were to pass before the working class experimented yet again with methods of governance, this time in the form of the soviets or workers councils, in Russia during 1905. The soviets were yet another instance of the working class creating its own mode of organization and protest well ahead of theoreticians and leaders. Best us cities to visit in summer 2016.

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