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Best tropical vacation spots for Since the Star was, according to these hypotheses, a one-off phenomenon, there is no way that astronomical investigation in the twenty-irst century could expect to make any progress in the quest for the Star. The miraculous and visionary views are attractive since they can, of course, explain much of the data in Matthew’s account, because their central claims, namely that there was a miraculous Star in ? BC and that the Star was a subjective entity, are by their very nature impossible to falsify. At the same time, they are positions of last resort that is, they are adopted only because the description of the Star in Matthew is deemed to go beyond what could realistically be expected of normal astronomical phenomena. In this book we shall demonstrate that there is no need to resort to the miraculous or visionary views to explain the behavior of the Star. When the relevant Biblical texts are correctly interpreted, everything that is said about the Star is seen to cohere with established astronomical facts. There are a few key problems with the miraculous view. First, the astronomical language speciically star and rising used in Matthew is misleading if an astronomical phenomenon is not in view. Best tropical vacation spots 2016.

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