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Best travel prices on In the end, Machiavelli turns to a diagnosis of the problems of Italy, arguing that Italian princes have lost their states due to their inability to inspire the loyalty of their nobles or the good will of their subjects, or foster sufficient military strength. The whims of chance can never be a sufficient explanation for the failure of a prince, he argues, for the decisive quality of a leader is his ability to deal successfully with circumstance. The Prince was typically understood by contemporaries as disgusting, immoral manual of Realpolitik, and was condemned by Pope Clement VII and placed on the Index of Prohibited Books in 1559. It was rumored to be a favorite book of Otto von BISMARCK, and served to justify the reason of state politics throughout the 19th century. If read solely on the basis of The Prince, Machiavelli’s politics can be seen to advise directly that the only basis for successful political action can be the ground of optimized political expediency. Machiavelli recommends that the prince be cruel, that he manipulate his subjects, and that he never admit his true thoughts; he also notes that the true prince is only hampered by immutable moral or political allegiances. Still, Machiavelli is merely formalizing and legitimizing a strategy of political behavior that is as old as humanity; as Leo Strauss noted, his contribution was the attempt to make such behavior politically defensible. Best travel prices 2016.

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