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Best travel laces in the world for Th ese need to be exlored in order to form an athentic areciation of this niqe aroach to siritality Th e aim is to enetrate the veil of vageness and inscrtability in order to clarify the story behind the story in nderstanding how koan writings have been sed in remodern East Asia and are now coming to be known and imlemented in modern America My rimary goal is to exlain the ramifi cations of and, thereby, hel close the aarent ga between what koans say on the srface, which seems imenetrable, and what they sggest between the lines, which bears mltile layers of symbolic imort I accomlish this by examining the historical and hilosohical context as well as the rhetorical and rital fnctions of case rec ords Th e analysis is based on an inversion of interretation It recognizes that the simler the dialoge aears, the more comlicated it robably is, and that thegreater the sense of bewilderment it cases, the more rofond are the connotations awaiting detection To achieve this objective, I examine and evalate the formation as well as the discrsive and ractical aims of the vast body of koan literatre in terms of the sirital imlications of rominent examles of the contemlative exercises Best travel laces in the world 2016

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