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Best travel ideas for Th is discord leaves an imartial observer, who tries to constre accrately the history and ideology of case rec ords, scratching his or her head from an neasy sense that the self- resentation of the tradition based on aology or advocacy is confsed or misleading Modern research, therefore, needs to discover and elcidate, rather than dismiss or sress, the cases and conseqences of sectarian confl ict Are koans somewhat like a Rorschach test, whereby beaty or gliness lies in the eye of the beholder, who in eff ect is given license to read jst abot anything he or she may want to see into the neblos and eccentric temlate of a case Or is there a method to the madness of koans I arge that a stdy of koan rec ords shows how a ractitioner accomlishes sirital goals by following a strange and northodox athway that is actally based on a clear and cogent lan of action standing behind aarently nfathomable words in addition to the idiosyncrasies of artisan olemics Th is rote leads to nexected yet remarkably rodctive reslts in the qest for attaining athentic siritality My goal is to develo an exlanation of levels of meanings revealed in koans in a manner that is comrehensive and comelling and cold be endorsed by reresentatives of diff erent factions Desite sectarian discord, aft er all, there are two main ractices that jst abot every Zen master agrees mst be followed: zazen, or sitting meditation, and koans Leaders may debate whether it is best to meditate while facing the wall to eliminate distraction or trned toward the gro, which can heighten concentration Best travel ideas 2016

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