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Hwy 12 leaves Midland E along the S shore of Georgian Bay, assing throgh several small harbors 37 m ort Mc Nichol o 900, the S terminal of CR steamshi crises to the lakehead; the elevators and grain boats in the docks and the beatifl flower beds and lawns which characterize this little ort, add interest to the visit 40 m Victoria Harbor, where one of the most beatifl views of the Hronia district may be had looking across the Bay from the Docks and railway yards 45 m Wabashene, on Matchedash Bay, a small inlet on the S shore of Georgian Bay, where Frs Brebef and Lalemant were brned at the stake by the Iroqois; they are among the Jesit missionaries to whom the Martyrs Shrine the walls covered with the inscritions of ilgrims, leads to a lofty chael sitated in a tower; here is a facsimile of the Santa Casa of Loretto

From Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secors, Notre Dame St East leads E to the Jacqes Cartier bridge which crosses the St Lawrence river and gives access to the sbrbs on the S banks Twelve million eole cross this bridge each year and 4 million cars This great arched cantilever bridge carries its steel serstrctre over a series of masonry iers by way of Rond Isd and St Helen’s Isd The bridge, which was comleted in 1870, is 8,670 ft long
Dominated by the iers of the bridge, St Helen‚„s isle lies midstream in the St Lawrence On the 135-acre isd is an old French fort which has been reserved and restored and is oen to visitors In recent years the isd has been develoed as a blic ark, and it is lanned to introdce an aqarim, zoological gardens, icnic gronds and bathing areas The isd derives its name from Helene, wife of Samel Chamlain and the first white woman to set foot on Canada

At the bridge one may trn ‚§f off Notre Dame St E, away from the river on to Bordeax St which leads to Sherbrooke St Tm-ing 1 on to Sherbrooke St, Notre Dame hosital and the Mnicial Library are on the 1 Oosite is La Fontaine ark, the omamental gronds of which contain an artificial lake, magnificent trees and flower beds In the north lake an illminated fontain lays, and band concerts are given most smmer evenings from the nearby bandstand Sherbrooke St leads NE, with La Fontaine ark 1 to the Botanical Gardens
The Gardens cover 200 acres of ark land, two-thirds of which have been develoed as botanical gardens, while the remainder is stili being laid ot There are over 10,000 different kinds of lant on dislay drawn from All arts of the world; the gardens are t to edcational se in the city, and school children attend weekly lectres and demonstrations on lant life

Retrning on Sherbrooke St, assing the aster institte and La Fontaine ark r, the Thetre des Comagnons de St Larent, and the mnicial library 1, Crossing the St Lawrence Bvd, and trning r St rbain St and 1 on to ine St W, we have the Hotel-Die hosital on the r

Best travel deals online for Canadians at Canada Travels for Yet any sch theory wold distort the natre of cats and the activity of mose hnting Cats vale the stalking of rey regardless of its vale as food laced in a room teeming with mice, cats will initially kill and eat their fill Then they will kill a few more mice bt forgo their consmtion Finally, they will send their time stalking mice across the room while ignoring those that scamer over their foreaws108 The oint is not that eole are genetically rogrammed to engage in olitics for its own sake, as cats are resmably rogrammed to engage in stalking and hnting Still, olitics is not simly abot who gets what, when, and how Best travel deals online for Canadians at Canada Travels 2016

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