When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Thailand is from November to February when the northeast monsoon is blowing cool, dry air which serves as a respite from the heat. During this cool season, the temperature ranges from 18°C to 32°C in Bangkok.

The summer period, or hot and dry season, is from March to June. At this time temperatures in Bangkok average around 34° C, but can often reach 40° C with the humidity levels of 75%.

From July to October is the monsoonal season when most of Thailand’s annual rainfall is accumulated. The humidity averages just fewer than 90%, with temperatures averaging around 29° C in Bangkok.

The monsoons finish when the wind direction changes, bringing dry weather from the northeast. At best this season can be described as unpredictable and not the constant downpour of rain like you would expect. The middle months of this season may hold particularly heavy rains for the north of the country.

Let’s have a quick look on when and where the dry and rain happen:

Bangkok can be visited during all year, since rain or sunshine doesn’t really impact sightseeing and shopping activities too much. I often enjoyed being in Bangkok during rainy season because there are way less tourists around which lowers Hotel Prices significantly. You can afford a much better Hotel for the same price as in high season or just save some cash.

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