Best time for Holiday Fall

Best time for Holiday Fall

Mmm that’s my sad slice cuz it’s our last dinner here at our cottage and apparently it’s gonna be snowing tomorrow see Michael and his drone it’s a very private moment here with the John just reading everything we’re doing. I want to have dinner. So peaceful everyday it’s like it’s So quiet on the lake look how quiet is listen all you can hear is the fire pit friction coming down you’ve been awesome we’ll definitely miss this little cottage to your home mom. I am ready to make some s’mores and we made them the other day but that was my first time.

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So this time, I’m an expert. So I can totally show you how to make them well the reason of course amorous and these are special crackers for them that are gluten free is that they were. So good you want some more all right let’s have some. So basically you take your marshmallow and you melted in the fire but you have to be action, I’m gonna show you first, I’m gonna show you what happens when you’re impatient like me and you put some more too close to fire. So you’re like oh. I want my some more to be ready sooner it’s a torch of sugar and it burns. So you have to be very careful to just melt them instead of fry them there’s a plane. I can’t even send a signal to space little torch all right.

So take three it’s pretty brown and, I’m one more second and, I think it’s ready. So now we move over here there we have our trackers to put it together chocolate but these are some Mars that we’re talking about all right and then we hold them for a second. So the heat for my marshmallow melts the chocolate just like that that’s nice this is better all right. I think it’s ready to eat and this is how you eat it mmm super sweet doesn’t really make me to have some more but oh it’s not too bad we decided to join our forces and come up with the perfect marshmallows because it’s almost freezing outside and our chocolate doesn’t melt. So the heads it’s a it’s a big no-no for some more. So, I’m melting chocolate and making the the cracker crispy and Mike was browning the marshmallow results to follow know our chocolates melted our chocolate melted. So that’s it perfect some more right here.

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