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Best summer vacations for When a comet orbits on or near the plane of Earth’s orbit, the sharp curvature of the tail in outer space is not apparent to Earth-dwellers the tail appears to be straight. Moreover, as we saw above, the fact that what most deeply impressed the Magi was what the Star did around the time of its heliacal rising is most naturally explained if it was a great comet that ventured very close to the Sun. Comets making close passes by the Sun are generally located within the zodiacal constellations at the time. So it would seem that the comet was in the zodiacal band of sky not only when it seemed to stand over the house where Jesus was in Bethlehem, but also some weeks earlier, when it was at perihelion. This would seem to confirm that the comet was indeed narrowly inclined to the ecliptic. At the same time, a comet in the zodiacal band would have been perceived to have greater astrological signiicance than one outside it. The primary task of astrologers at the time of the birth of Jesus was formulating horoscopes based upon a person’s zodiacal birth sign, that is, the zodiacal sign that was heliacally rising at the point of birth. Best summer vacations 2016.

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