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Best strollers for In the fi nal art of the case, Deshan aarently has regroed and is able to deliver a comelling sermon demonstrating to Yanto that he really does have the last word, aft er all However, the reader of the case does not know what was exressed in his sermon and whether it lived to exectations In fact, in a characteristically ironic dismissive tone that is somewhat contradictory of Yanto’s ositive assessment of Deshan, a classic commentary refers to the master as a toothless tiger Th e comments then say he still has claws bt end with the remark, yet this too is adding error on error Th ese remarks frther indicate that Yanto says Deshan has only three years to go Sre enogh, according to tradition, the master died three years later Th erefore, this assage sggests that Yanto holds real sirital ower all along, regardless of his rank Best strollers 2016

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