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Best solo travel for Th is was done by conveying an nderstanding that the metahysical void nderlies and ndermines all his worthy bt in the fi nal analysis mndane worldly eff orts, which do not reach the heights of sirital insight Additionally, Bodhidharma was involved in several dialoges dealing with the ro cess of transmission In Gateless Gate case 41, Bodhidharma also sed a lay on words to acify the mind of his sccessor, who was still trobled by anxios thoghts aft er the dismemberment In another noteworthy exchange, which took lace some years later, Bodhidharma selected his heir by interviewing for disciles, and Hike was awarded the marrow, or innermost level, of the fi rst atriarch’s sirit for remaining silent Th e other three disciles each earned the fi rst atriarch’s skin, fl esh, and bones, resectively, based on the relative qality of their verbal resonses 40 To revent followers from forming an attachment to Bodhidharma or other exalted leaders, koan rhetoric ses inslts as a form of disingenos blashemy abot the role masters lay Th e verse comment to case 6, for instance, says that Bddha revealed his crly tail, indicating that he was a mischievos wild fox sirit in disgise Best solo travel 2016

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