Best Restaurants Of Hollywood

Best Restaurants Of Hollywood

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You rise up hello hello hello they another fun day here nice that’s going true because my days in the lair super boring but today my sister came all the way from colons to visit me. And we basically go back from holding like hours before she came to visit us. And now we’re heading to Hollywood Boulevard or. I usually try to avoid because it’s full of tourists but today were playing tourist. And I thought you might want to come with us. And see what it’s like to be a tourist in LA. And yes let me just show you. I got my Russian right. I got like Maggie here instead of here because after like swimming. So much in Maldives. And Aruba. And being gone for a month. I really needed to just you know like take care of myself. So Russian red for max new manicure that’s matching my new Lodge. And I got new shoes with my sister when shopping she’s like right there. And yeah. I’ll show you what it’s like to hang out with us today a great guy. And lastly Smith p.m. And removal a question every event is awesome. So she comes over but it’s one of the questions that. I love during the hundreds of new taxes. So like you were the Oscars are in business down on the stage. And feel device things. I absolutely love it was always hot forward to the next day. So we didn’t go to the room where the VIP room or a dangerous.

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And it’s one of those two plates that can actually stick up my camera. And show you. So as you can see the family that’s on the tour with us taking photo with the Oscar right there skew the real Oscar And So I was wrong which will. I suppose here you could not take any photos. And now default, I’m right on the side here. And that’s where the up skirts are being presented Oh from the stage. And as you can see. I’ll show you in a second this is where Ryan Gosling said last year. And Emma Stone. And Meryl Streep very exciting it’s very smaller. And I’m sure it looks even bigger for you camera to tiny but very exciting at the same time let me show you how it looks like this Ryan Gosling set right there, I’m a stone. And you call Kidman mellow Street, I’m going to film it up for you to see it’s like the dream board that. I want to get an Oscar for producing. And will be about travel. And I don’t know one like Scott Johnson beside me in the movie. I’ll just write it that would be fun. And now we can climb my daughter if you want door since we’re heading to the third Dodgers game next weekend just got a calf. And yeah your sources like thousands. And thousands of Dodgers t-shirt repair in different variations a name they’re getting this is Austin a little chef planner line. So this is the Kodak Theatre Shopping Center very like Egyptian. I to live like right there like in the day. And now we’re going down this is actually the Disney Alcott become. So every single Disney premiere happens right there baby horse. And we’re going down. I want to show you Wyatt now you know it’s called Hollyweird honestly. And okay don’t eat it right there for insight now sitting with one of these boots. And there’s a new book that uses money in. And order to tell me longer. So I will do in a second awesome because it’s like all the sums from the fifties. And sixties. And – dominions great like you can really get something healthy for yourself ooh oh oh.

I love the outfit. So I have my for developers. And tomato pie blog. And of course strippers Vanetta moving along completing begin American also love it. So, I’m going to finish my meal with the ginger shot with ginger lemon. And syphilis. And pepper. And usual it’s a huge job. And I’m collagen. And I’m used to shots but this is going to be very soon oh my god time to choose a song. I want to show you you get to choose a song, I’m changing it right here. But I want to show you a human bite a decade insert the coin. And press all look at this even more free market. I should’ve. I thank you there was a quick outfit change. I love this beautiful green dress from Zara recently bought in a mm we just arrived as the Chinese men theater the Chinese men to watch guardians of the galaxy not my favorite place not my favorite moving the hose but my sister loves it. So we needed to come here oh that’s cute you are very round inside we left the cinema. And yeah we were moving mm just as Hollyweird as it was during the day that’s for sure. I store my jacket all my beautiful dresses about very chilly actually which is pretty normal yeah la gets very cold at night. And a lot of people don’t realize oh. I got these glass marks from d the movie was good Oh people yeah this is delicious. I think to the IFC to live here five minutes from here. And I used to walk these streets every single day with my dog survive. I use crazy people carrying my cross surveys you know hey dr. short hair crazy ho Capri hidden places. And I don’t really miss is. I love living by the beach this is like way too much for me but every an experience that you should see for yourself. I think this meme is. So it was supposed to be one short blog from my day in LA but because we’re going we are at Disneyland exactly like twelve hours later I’ve got my motor. And Disneyland’s of minds always even though. I have one. And we’re going to buy tears my sisters would have ear. So I know the first thing she has to do she’s a mother of everyone she’s just looking okay hon it’s nice. I love my ear. I put my whole unsupported outfit most you like what result ago go to get as California president hospital, I’m gonna start with Slash houses good luck that we can use or. And it forms a very beautiful Carranza right there like one of my favorites I’ve never specified before. I send my sincere the first time experience dark .

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