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Best places visit europe for Reagan, Ronald 703 BIBLIOGRAPHY. Edmund Morris, Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan (Random House, 2000); Gary Wills, Reagan’s America (Penguin, 2000); Lou Cannon, President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime (PublicAffairs, 2000); Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan: An American Life (Pocket Books, 1989); Lloyd deMause, Reagan’s America (Creative Roots, Inc., 1984); Bob Schieffer and Gary Paul Gates, The Acting President: Ronald Reagan and the Supporting Players Who Helped Him Create the Illusion That Held America Spellbound (E. P. Dutton, 1989). MIKE S. DUBOSE BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY recession A RECESSION IS A PROLONGED slowdown or contraction in the economy. Best places visit europe 2016.

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