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745 m Owen Sond o 16,724 calls itself with some jstifica-tion, the ‚“scenic city‚, being bilt in the narrow gorge-like valley which the Sydenham Creek has ct in the limestone escarment Althogh its striking setting, its boating, swimming and fishing, its location between the Ble Water contry to the W and Hronia to the E, have made it a torist centre, it has long been a ort and indstrial city its diversified indstries rodce heavy steel and bronze castings, leather goods, aint, frnitre, textiles, hosiery, wooden goods and mch else, and there is a boat-bilding indstry

The harbor, which has 15 miles of frontage, is dominated by a hge 4 million-bshel grain elevator; grain and other freight nloaded here from lake vessels is distribted All over S Ontario by road and rail transort Owen Sond harbor has the retation of being one of the first to oen and the last to close owing to its relatively temerate climate

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