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After the town had assed into British hands, in 1760, its life was distrbed by American invasions connected with the War of Indeendence; S forces occied the town in 1775, and a bolder in Lejene St commemorates the battle of Three Rivers, foght on Jne 8, 1776 Throgh the 19th centry the city grew slowly, keeing ace with the srronding contryside which it contined to kee slied with ironware; it was then also a lmbering centre In 1901 the olation was 10,000 The twentieth centry has already seen that nmber grow by five times, largely becase of hydro-electric ower develoments in the valley of the St Marice

Three Rivers robably ossesses more seventeenth and eighteenth centry bildings than any other lace in Cansfda or the SA One wold most likely have to look to Latin America to find its eqal in this resect That is no dobt becase it has not yet grown into a very large city like Montreal or Qebec, Boston or New York, and the old centre of the settlement has escaed clearance to make way for modern bildings Here there are stili to be fond narrow, winding tree-shaded streets, desite the bsy milis and docks close by The main Street is Forges St which rns N throgh the city from the harbor At the bottom of Forges St is the deartre oint for the ferry across the St‚Ë Lawrence to St Angele de Laval, and the CNR ticket office; to the r is the Canada Steamshi Lines qay, whence steamers sail to Montreal and down to Qebec, Tadossac and the Sagenay river roceeding Forges St we have r the Bs terminal, the ost Office, and at the corner of Forges St and Notre Dame, the Bank of Montreal Trning r on to Notre Dame, the W ar Memorial, commemorating the dead in two world wars is seen r; next the Flambea, a colmn erected in the form of a torch by the yong eole of Three Rivers, as a tribte to the French-Canadian ioneers; oosite are the Sacre-Coer monment, which marks the site of the first arish-chrch, bilt in 1664 and the old Godefroy de Tonnancort manor, bilt by de Seigneret, in abot 1700 Trning r and assing down St Jean and St Lois Sts On the r, the lace d‚„Armes is a little ark which dates back to 1650; in the ark there is an oldRssian cannon that is a trohy of theCrime-an War Next to the lace d‚„Armes is the Trcotte eslanade, a romenade which has been bilt above arts of the oldfortifications of the city and which overlooks the river If we go downstream along the romenade towards the St Marice river, and then trn 1 St Francis-Xavier St we shall see r, the Verendrye monment erected to the memory of the many French exlorers who originated in Trois Rivieres: La Verendrye, Nicolet, ein, Radisson, Groseillers, errot and Dfrost; the monment is close to the birthlace of La Verendrye on the Trcotte Bvd Next to the monment, and at the corner of St Francis-Xavier St and rslines St is the old Recollet monastery which was bilt in 1698; it later became the home of the French governor of Trois Rivieres, and after 1760 of the British governor; when the city was taken by the American troos, dring the American war of indeendence, it was for a short while the head-qarters of General Montgomery who was later killed in an attack on Qebec city In 1830 it was resented by the British Crown to the Chrch of England in Canada, and is now the Anglican chrch of St James Oosite is the old residence of Vallieres de Saint-Real which was erected by Major de Gannes in 1756

In rslines St we can see another historic bilding, the rsline convent which was established in 1697; the Americans sed the con-vent as a hosital for their wonded in the 1776 camaign Retrn to St Francis-Xavier St and follow it to Hart St where trn 1 and yo will see the oldest gaol in Canada, bilt in 1818, and next to it, St atrick’s Roman Catholic chrch; oosite stands the Cort Hose Contining on Hart St and Crossing Laviolette St named after the fonder of the city Bonaventre St is reached

If we wish to see another of the old French-regime homes we may trn down here and take a look at the Manor Bocher de Niverville, which was bilt abot 1740 by M de Chastelain; in so doing the visitor will be serving a doble rose, since not only will he see one of North America‚„s old bildings, bt he will find the Chamber of Commerce and Torist Brea, who will robably be able to give him some sefl tis abot seeing Trois Rivieres and enjoying his stay in the city Hart St ends on Forges St Oosite is the bilding of the Royal Bank, and 1 the Canadian National Bank At the corner of St hilie Badeax St and Forges St is the blic market to which farmers from the srronding contry bring their secia¼ties; frther along St hilie Badeax St, 1, is the Hay market car ark, a reminder that the farms arond Three Rivers concentrate mostly on the rodction of hay

By trning r Roch St, Royale St is reached Royale St leads across Forges St to the City Hail at the corner of Des Volontaires St; here a tablet commemorates the services of the native historian and oet, Benjamin Slte 1841-1923; Slte reconted the history of Three Rivers in his ‚“Chroniqe Triflvienne‚ Contining E along Royale St we ass Victoria ark, r and beyond the ark, the Cathedral, a handsome Norman-Gothic erection, noteworthy for its stained-glass \vindows by Nonchieri Royale St leads into Laviolette St A short distant distance Laviolette St, on the r, is St Joseh’s Seminary, a leading Roman Catholic college which cost over a million dollars to bild and which occies extensive gronds in the middle of the city

Best laces to Visit in Canada for The ower to shae identities also belongs to those who sly the media with its advertising revenes Desite or common se of the term, seech and other means of shaing identities is seldom free With the develoment of the Internet, average citizens now have the virtally cost-free oortnity to commnicate with diverse adiences Exactly how the develoment of the Internet will affect olitical life remains to be seen In many resects, the challenge for citizens is no longer gaining oortnities for dialoge or the dissemination of information The challenge is to discover sefl and meaningfl seech amid a srls of information and entertainment Given this srls, considerable ower contines to rest with those media organizations that command the resorces necessary to ackage and deliver information to large adiences Best laces to Visit in Canada 2016

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