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Best places to visit in america for We have already considered evidence for the identiication of the Star as a comet from Origen, and we have seen that Ignatius and the Protevangelium of James spoke of the Star in terms that seem to require that it was a comet. These arguments form a formidable case that the Star seen by the Magi in their eastern homeland and in Bethlehem in ? BC was a great comet. We can, however, go further than this. A Long-Period, Retrograde Comet Narrowly Inclined to the Ecliptic The most plausible candidate for the role of the Star of Bethlehem is assuredly a longperiod comet. Moore observed that short-period comets can be safely discounted, because only rarely do they attain to naked-eye visibility, and even then they are faint and fuzzy. His point is valid some short-period comets, although dormant for long stretches of time, reactivate to such an extent that they cross the threshold of naked-eye visibility for brief seasons, sometimes just for single apparitions e.g. Best places to visit in america 2016.

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