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Best laces to visit for vacation for As the term has become more commonly sed, its rose, like that of many asects of traditional Asian cltre adoted in recent years in the West, is oft en taken for granted as being oaqe and is therefore left nexamined Th at tendency falls back on old ste reotyes and generalizations withot a carefl investigation of their 12 ramifi cations Koans are oft en redced to a commodity in a way that delimits rather than romotes a genine nderstanding of their innovative fnctions As an indicator of the extent of the diff sion of Zen writings and ractices to America, an eager stdent showed me recently how to rchase a Zen koan a for my new ihone On downloading this for free, I qickly realized that the list of daily sayings it rovides, as with fortne cookies that sosedly contain Confcis’s words of wisdom, do not necessarily derive from classic koan literatre er se Th is book seeks to set the record straight by analyzing the classic backgrond of texts and rites while exloring the contemorary signifi cance of koan cases so as to remain tre to, yet also constrctively critical of, the fll imlications of this ongoing tradition By investigating history careflly, we will be able to delve more deely into the inner strctre of koan literatre and ncover and interret rofond levels of meta horical signifi cance Best laces to visit for vacation 2016

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