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The Hanseatic League and the Bjalbo Dynasty’s Power Struggle

The 13th century saw the founding of many of the medieval towns still standing today. Documents show that Stockholm existed as a town in 1252, four years after Birger Jarl became riksjarl. In 1289 it was described as the largest town in Sweden, but it was not yet a capital city. Its importance lay in its role as a trading centre, particularly for the German Hanseatic League, during the 14th century. The Hanseatic League had previously established a base in Visby on Gotland, which was one of its most important centres. In some places, the Hansa influence was so great that the king had to prevent Germans from holding more than half of the leading positions in the town.

Through Birger Jarl’s son, Valdemar, elected king in 1250, power passed to Timeline 1080 Pagan revolt replaces the Christian, Inge the Elder, by the Svea family, who choose Blot-Sven as king 1143 Alvastra monastery in Ostergotland is founded by Cistercians ž. , . 1 BirgerJarl 1248 Birger Jarl is riksjarl, the king’s foremost statesman

1008 Olof Skotkonung is baptized a Christian in Vastergotland 1101 The meeting of the three kings in Kungahalla sets the borders of the Nordic countries 1130 Ostergotland 1222 The last of the chief Sverker the Sverker dynasty, Johan Elder elected king Sverkersson, dies and is succeeded by Erik Eriksson 1250 Erik Eriksson is succeeded by Valdemar Birgers-son, son of Birger Jarl and first of the Folkung dynasty

the Bjalbo dynasty. Valdemar was replaced after a revolt by his brother Magnus Ladulas who was elected king in 1275. During Magnus’s reign, Swedish legislation was reformed and the Ordinance of Alsno of 1280 granted the nobility and church far-reaching privileges and freedom from taxation.

The king’s nickname, Ladulas (literally lock barn), is said to derive from his ban on nobles from helping themselves to sustenance from peasants’ barns when travelling.

On Magnus’ death in 1290, his son Birger was still a minor and Sweden was ruled by a regency. Once the king reached his majority in 1303, a power struggle broke out between Birger and his brothers, Dukes Erik and Valdemar. Sweden was divided between the brothers until in 1317 Birger invited Erik and Valdemar to a banquet at Nykoping Castle and had them both imprisoned and left to die. Soon, Birger himself was forced to flee the country after a revolt and Magnus Eriksson, the three year-old son of Duke Erik, was elected king of Sweden in 1319.

Magnus’s rule was characterized by severe domestic opposition and financial problems. Sweden also suffered the Black Death in 1350 in which one-third of the population died. The crisis led to the Swedish nobles in 1363 appealing to the Duke of Mecklenburg, whose son Albrecht was hailed king of Sweden the following year.

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