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Best places in us to vacation on The infamous 1914 Ludlow Massacre occurred when 20 people, including 15 women and children, were killed by members of the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel and Iron Company gunmen attempting to break a monthslong coal-miners’ strike. The United Mine Worker Association (UMWA), the largest and most historically significant miners union, was formed in 1890 by the merger of two smaller local unions in Columbus, Ohio. The formation of the new union was due in part to the efforts of William Wilson who later went on to serve as the nation’s first secretary of labor under Woodrow WILSON in 1913. Other notable figures in the mining labor movement included John L. Lewis, president of the UWMA from 192060 and a leader in the formation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), Bill Green, Treasurer of the UWMA and later a president of the American Federation of Labor, and Mother Jones, a prominent union organizer. Unionization led to the establishment of the shorter workday in 1898 and collective bargaining rights in 1933. The federal government increased regulation of mining in the early 20th century. Best places in us to vacation 2016.

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