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Best places in Hawaii for Of course, Teukros the Babylonian mentions that, in his day, Virgo was thought to be Isis enthroned and nursing Horus. If this indicates that the Greco-Egyptian identiication of Virgo as Isis had taken root in Babylon, that would mean that the celestial narrative that is preserved for us in Revelation , and in which the comet plays the star role, would have spoken powerfully to Babylonian astronomers-astrologers at the time of Jesus’s birth. Indeed the fact that Revelation is interacting with pagan mythology regarding Isis and Horus may well hint at the kind of paradigms through which some pagans perhaps especially those in Babylon had sought to interpret the celestial drama. More important, since the celestial drama was essentially an adaptation of the internationally known combat myth, it offered pagan observers a ready paradigm by which to understand the importance of the Messiah’s nativity in salvation history. It highlighted that Jesus was the fulillment of the hope of all humans for deliverance from Chaos and Disorder. The Dragon, the Meteor Storm, and the Birth The Relationship of Revelation to verses ? Revelation ff. is set apart from verses ? by the new introduction And another sign , but it is clear from verse b that the story of Virgo’s pregnancy and delivery of her child is still very much in view. Best places in Hawaii 2016.

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