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Best laces for winter vacation for Yet, advocates of the koan tradition may end in agreement with detractors by similarly maintaining that trying to detect meanings in the words of a case record is a lost case For many devotees, attemting to evalate a case in a systematic way is at odds with the rose of these exercises, which is to eliminate any trace of logical thoght Th erefore, historical and literary stdies of koan literatre are not considered to be valable evidence in regard to the signifi – cance of ractice based on these rec ords Another diffi clty in determining the meaning of koans occrs when taking into accont how the Linji/Rinzai and Caodong/Soto schools have fi ercely contested their role in Zen ractice Over the centries, these two factions have accsed each other of articlating 74 defi cient or heretical teachings Th e crrent Rinzai aroach ts greater emhasis on meditation based on investigating keyword hrases extracted from case rec ords, whereas the Soto aroach stresses silent awakening withot consciosly thinking abot a case’s signifi cance No easy comromise between the schools can be reached Best laces for winter vacation 2016

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