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DIONYSIUS the AREOPAGITE pseudo Of the ten Letters, the first, like the Mystical Theology, makes knowledge of God coincide with ignorance of him; the second places the first principle above the deity and the good; the third specifies that Jesus’ divine nature remained hidden even after his incarnation; the fourth says that Jesus incarnate was a real man 1072A, but at the same remained superessential, as his activity demonstrates 1072B: he was God made man; the fifth resumes the theme of divine darkness, into which one who wishes to attain knowledge of God must enter; the sixth exhorts us to remain firm in the truth, without being lost in the refutation of others’ errors; the seventh says that demonstration of the truth is itself sufficient to refute contrary theses, and then speaks of the sophist Apollophanes who seems not to have recognized the presence of the divine law in the universe and of the eclipse of the sun that occurred at Jesus’ death, observed by ps.-Dionysius at Heliopolis; the eighth praises meekness and rebukes the monk Demophilus who, criticizing a priest, failed to respect the church’s hierarchical order, in which criticisms can only be leveled by higher members, not lower; the ninth speaks of scriptural symbolism and of the deity that remains transcendent, though manifesting itself to all beings; the tenth predicts the end of St. John the Evangelist’s imprisonment at Patmos and his return to Asia. III. Other writings. In the writings that have reached us, ps.-Dionysius cites other works of his seven in all which have not survived: 1 The Intelligible Things and the Things of the Senses see Eccl.

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