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This was an attempt at a recovery of the formation process, which in the past was completed over two or three years see R. Cabi¨, L’iniziazione cristiana, 27-120. But if the catechumenatediscipleship had declined, catechesis itself was in its golden age. Best place to travel in Hawaii At the end of the period, the decline of the catechumenate due to infant baptism was already in evidence. Even during this period, due to the relative autonomy of the individual churches, the evidence of the catechumenate of one church is not valid for others; its history is that of the individual ecclesiastical provinces. Moreover, it remains uncertain whether the particular rituals actually existed or if they were simple interpretations of biblical texts M. Metzger: RAC 20, 518. 2. In detail. In the East, in the area of Jerusalem, the main sources are the prebaptismal catecheses of Bishop Cyril mid-4th c. and the Peregrinatio of Egeria 381 384; O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 442-445; M.E. Johnson, Reconciling Cyril and Egeria on the Catechetical Process in 4th Cent. Jerusalem: P.F. Bradshaw ed., Essays in Early Eastern Initiation = Grove Liturg. Stud. 56, Bramcote 1988, 18-30, with bibl.; C. Garc­a del Valle, Jerusaln. La liturgia de la iglesia Madre, Barcelona 2001, 162-196 with bibl.. The catechumenate phase is the first phase. The catechumens participate in community liturgical meetings and receive a blessing before their dismissal Eger., Peregr. 24,2.6-7. They are excluded for the disciplina arcani: O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 459; Arcanum, Discipline of from the celebration of baptism and the Eucharist Eger., Peregr. 25,2; 46,6; 47,2, but observe the periods of fasting Cyr., Catech. 4,27. Egeria does not speak of special catecheses for them; they hear the homilies addressed to baptized and nonbaptized Sunday, fast days, Wednesdays and Fridays of Lent, ordinarily preached by the bishop and by a number of priests Eger., Peregr. 25,1; 26; 27,6. The baptizand phase the members are called baptizandi, photizomenoi, competentes: once you were a catechumen Cyr. of Jer., Catech. 1,4 is the second phase, of 40 days Cyr. of Jer., Protoch. 4. At the vigil of the beginning of Lent, a presbyter notes the names of those requesting baptism; the following Sunday before the bishop, presbyterate and other clergy, each with sponsor, pater or mater, according to sex undergoes the examination of their state of life and motives; if found without reproach, the bishop enrolls the catechumen’s name onomatographia; otherwise he is exhorted to return when he has reformed Eger., Peregr. 45,1-4. The preparation that follows is presented as purification, penitence fasts, works of charity, confession of sins and illumination Cyr. of Jer., Catech. 2, passim. The prebaptismal catecheses cathecisis, Eger., Peregr. 46,2 take place during the first seven weeks of Lent; the eighth and final week septimana paschalismaior is linked with Holy Week and Easter Eger., Peregr.

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