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Best place in hawaii to vacation for Like the Dow Jones, the Nikkei is a price-weighted index in which the movement of each stock is weighted equally regardless of its market capitalization. Calculated as the arithmetic mean of the stock prices of 225 stocks selected from the approximately 1,400 in the TSE, it therefore does not fully represent the real average price of the stock market. Listed on the Nikkei are some of the worlds most widely known companies: TOYOTA, SONY, HONDA, Fuji Photo Film, and NEC. The Nikkei is calculated to accurately reflect the performance of stocks on the Japanese stock market at any given time, and the mixture of stocks in the index Nikkei 599 can be altered to reflect trends in the current market. In its original format the Nikkei’s component stocks were changed only because of special circumstances such as liquidations and mergers; throughout the 1980s there were only eight changes. Now however, while the 225 stocks are selected to represent the overall performance of the market, emphasis is placed on maintaining the index’s historical continuity while keeping the index composed of stocks with a high market liquidity. A maximum of 3 percent of the average’s component stocks, or 6 out of the 225, may be removed each year if they have relatively low market liquidity. Best place in hawaii to vacation 2016.

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