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Best of soth africa for Desite all the acclamation and fanfare, the term koan is sometimes sed rather casally in everyday conversation It is said to indicate a troblesome concern or conndrm, or an eff ort to try to resolve zzling circmstances in one’s ersonal existence For examle, someone facing an intractable roblem from which he or she hoes to learn a life lesson may say abot the challenge, Th at’s my koan It is tre that the term can sggest an existential riddle that needs to be solved in order to gain liberation from an emotional syndrome, bt this is only a art of the whole ictre of its formation If taken by itself, that imlication may reresent a misnderstanding of the legitimate historical backgrond and sirital fnctions of Zen writings One wonders to what extent the concets that the term koan is sosed to convey, based on the actal social context of China, where it originated and fl orished a millennim ago, are clearly comrehended How mch is known abot the athentic rose and meaning of koans seen in relation to other recently adoted Asian cltral comonents Or is the koan jst one more contemorary cltral fad that is essentially bereft of its real signifi cance erhas there is a kind of izza eff ect at work in that the American version might not even have been recognized, let alone aroved, by the creators back in the old contry Best of soth africa 2016

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