Best of Canada Summary of our Trip

Best of Canada Summary of our Trip

All right this is the beautiful sunrise over the waterfalls and we’re leaving in a few minutes after breakfast and that’s the end of our and they using Canadian adventure thank you kind of that’s what amazing importance which is like Starbucks with Dunkin Donuts Cheers important the Canadian fall as our colony has come to an end we are just an hour away from the airport and it’s dying to do a little summary of our trip and think of the best moments we’ve had in the last they are three favorite moments in the entire trip Oh Elsa music – my favorite Bowen was wickless on Friday we had the most amazing weather in our capital was sunny zero wins the lake was like a mirror we could see everything.

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I made pancakes we snuggle in front of the fireplace very chilly outside like this most perfect moment. So that’s likely my number one three what’s yours a new week is really nice actually there’s a moment zero when everything is quiet and even you just good to see you and just relax okay my second moment would be the French cafe in Montreal like everything was very cute and it was super weird to have french-speaking server being extremely nice to us and week. So we’re happy we’re from America and being super kind. So that was nice and, I really enjoyed it there. I was very very charming and very cozy and that was a great. So your favorite moment is without me is that what you’re like getting to nice walk through this area and you see the calmness of this little pond area that’s actually really nice and the same thing on the island lures gonna walk around actually these okay it’s gonna be tough because, I’m hesitating for my life my number three for one hand, I’m thinking our fire campfires our campaigns were amazing and make me feel like really campaign but they were. So great but then, I’m thinking. I think, I’m gonna use my number three for their hiking. I’ll computer Richard work because it was.

So a most perfect tourist the most amazing view we have to break web Congress were like mind-blowing because like the yellow was like burning your eyes and I’ve never experienced such a beautiful fall in my life and number three. So much inaudible fun when you beat me playing foosball that for me was such a highlight in such a fun time it was raining outside it was raining and, I do have to give you credit. Because I won the first time and like a lot second it’s a we got over three top moments for each one of us of the days of Canada yeah it’s been amazing we love you Canada okay. So one of just say one more thing. So I called my grandma either thing. I said grandma, I’m in kind of a beautiful you wouldn’t believe how beautiful the trees are here and she liked to listen to me listen getting super excited about like how beautiful Canada is and she goes like well there is a reason they have a leaf and their flag surely they have some nice trees and, I think that was like perfect summary like there is a reason they have a maple leaf on their side because really the trees are the most banging trees I’ve ever seen there’s absolutely, I’m comparable to anything else we before him good smart pump up Julian’s grab mine dollars. So yeah but the web blogs Phillips three well men’s buy a key and Michael. So that’s what the nicest into her holiday our flight delay by five hours oh we’re stuck can people behind me are grabbing whatever they can pretty food and drinks water retired and just look too good if you have to go back to work tomorrow morning and right now it doesn’t look like you’re gonna make it tomorrow morning pill a. So we’re like psyche worried no bueno that’s no fun to finish your holiday stuck a Dearborn.

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