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Best of 2015 lonely planet for Nkrumah, who in his vision and aspiration was as much a leader of Africa as of Ghana, wholeheartedly believed The greatest contribution that Africa can make to the peace of the world is to avoid all the dangers inherent in disunity, by creating a political union which will also by its success, stand as an example to a divided world. A Union of African states will project more effectively the African personality. It will command respect from a world that has regard only for size and influence. For him continent was the primary unit of thought and organization. He believed that Under a major political union of Africa there could emerge a United Africa, great and powerful, in which the territorial boundaries which are the relics of colonialism will become obsolete and superfluous, working for the complete and total mobilization of the economic planning organization under a unified political direction. The forces that unite us are far greater than the difficulties that divide us at present, and our goal must be the establishment of Africa’s dignity, progress and prosperity. For Nkrumah, non-alignment had several local advantages, which included: 1. Best of 2015 lonely planet 2016.

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