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Best islands of hawaii on MOTLUCK, PH.D. ANDERSON UNIVERSITY laissez-faire A FRENCH PHRASE that literally means let do, and translates better as let a person alone, laissez-faire was applied to economics by English and French thinkers of the 17th and 18th centuries. The phrase generally applies to the same conditions in modern as in pre-modern times. Proponents of laissez-faire believe that government controls on economic behaviortrade, competition, prices, wagescurtail the freedom of the individual, not just in his economic life, but in all aspects of life, since economics is often closely tied to social status, moral behavior, and religious beliefs. Laissez-faire philosophy has been associated with both liberal and conservative political philosophies depending on whether it is the liberal, or the conservative thinker, of a given time who puts the most emphasis on liberty in economic matters. 476 laissez-faire Early proponents of laissez-faire. Best islands of hawaii 2016.

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