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Best islands hawaii for Keynes departed with his earlier monetary theory and this may have been a step backward as many economists were later to appreciate. His liquidity preference theory of the interest, where the supply and demand for money determine the interest rate”saving and investment determine income and not interest”is a sharp break with the Wicksellian mold. One saving grace of the liquidity preference theory is the emphasis on the role of money as an asset. Keynes, after all, underscored the function of money as a store of value. The demand for money would become a crowning achievement of Keynes’s monetary analysis in the General Theory. Keynes’s three motives for holding money, transaction, precautionary, and the speculative, would become imprinted into the literature on monetary economics. Money as an asset that people wish to hold is the idea behind Keynes’s speculative demand. Best islands hawaii 2016.

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