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Best hybrid car for Th e next day, Tianlong arrived and taght him the One Finger training method, which converted him to the Zen school Th erefore, the holding and detaching of the novice’s fi nger can be nderstood only in terms of Jzhi’s enconters with a woman and sernatral entities Bt is the master jstifi ed in his violent aroach to the boy Th e Gateless Gate verse commentary sggests that Jzhi srasses his divine teacher, and in his rthless yet eff ortless aroach to disciline reminds s of a god who once slit a montain to allow the Yangzi River to ass throgh: Jzhi made a fool of old Tianlong, By testing a boy with his shar knife Like a Great Sirit raising its hands, and withot mch eff ort, Slitting into two the mighty eaks of Flower Montain 154 Th ese remarks recall the kind of lavish raise for the edagogical styles of varios mentors reresented in nmeros other koan cases Bt Wmen’s rose commentary cations against taking the tale too literally by layflly evoking a diff erent violent image: Th e enlightenment of Jzhi and the attendant are not based on the fi nger If yo really see throgh this, then yo will have skewered Tianlong, Jzhi, the boy, and yo yorself all on one shar stick! However, in remarks off ered in another classic collection, the commentator sggests that had he been there he wold have broken Jzhi’s fi nger, both as art of the boy’s grdge and to renew the world’s energy Another comment asks of Jzhi’s act in a critical yet tonge- in- cheek fashion that contradicts Wmen’s remarks: Why did he exend so mch eff ort On the other hand, the verse commentary in the Ble Cliff Record raises Jzhi: I admire old Jzhi for his aroriate teaching, Who else is like him throghot time and sace He cast down a iece of drift wood onto the ocean, Letting the blind trtle bob and down while clinging to it Best hybrid car 2016

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