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It has been claimed that commercials lead people to constant consumption. If this is the case, shouldn’t we be full of praise instead of reprehension? The way that leads us to purchase has opened the doors of prosperity’heaven. If we do not want to lose the heaven, it needs to gain an ethical value. Our economy needs the marketing engine in order to change the conjuncture. Without this engine our prosperity goes down hill.

Today, the communication engine is paralyzed. We do not know for how long we can keep consumption alive through advertisement. It is certain that the choice of a product is directly related to advertisement expenses. Products, which are advertised, are purchased more, compared to products that are not advertised. It is still the most influential means for sales as it has always been. Companies need to pay more and more in order to stay in the market despite the presence of competing companies.

Marketing experts, for a long period of time, believed that if the product was good it could be sold through effective advertisement. Today, although the product quality is better than before, it is harder to sell them.

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