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Best hawaii vacation packages for The third common occurrence of government monopolies is found due to historical lock-ins and vested interests, when it comes to goods and services provided to the government through the government itself. Thus, in many municipalities, there may exist certain services that the government could buy on the open market. But instead, a separate government agency may be set up that exclusively provides the service. For instance, the servicing of publicly owned vehicles or landscaping of public areas in a community is rarely contracted for with private companies, but instead a separate government agency is established to provide the service. As these agencies do not have to compete for the service they provide in terms of better prices or quality, these types of monopolies are heavily criticized as being expensive to maintain, thus costing the taxpayer unnecessarily. Nevertheless, these types of monopolies on services provided are very widespread due to the vested interests and political power of those employed in the agencies. Natural monopolies and regulation. Best hawaii vacation packages 2016.

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