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Best florida vacation spots for But hindsight is /, both for Herod and for modern critics. With respect to the question of why Jerusalem and its religious establishment would have been rattled by the news that the Messiah had been born, the historical context readily explains this. Judea was ruled by Herod the Great, whom the people of Jerusalem knew to be capable not only of brutal atrocities against his enemies, but even of executing members of his own family. They understood that Herod would feel very threatened by the report that the Messiah had been born, since it would seem to imply that his own dynasty would soon be terminated. Therefore those in Jerusalem would have been certain that the king of Judea would take action against the messianic baby. Moreover, the Jerusalemites would have believed that, when the Messiah was full-grown, he would challenge the dynasty of Herod and the Romans. Such was the power of messianic expectation that the Jerusalemites might well have feared that a new revolutionary movement might be stirred up by the birth of this baby. Best florida vacation spots 2016.

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