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Finally, we should not forget that fund of values common to any form of true humanism, however imperfect, on which it was not difficult to reach agreement; Christianity, accepting these values, worked to purify and develop them. Best family vacation USA For fuller assessment, see the conclusion of Letteratura greca cristiana, 3rd ed., Nuova Un. St. 29, Rome 1978, 183-206, also taking Latin patristics into account as in Letteratura latina cristiana, 4th ed., Rome 1973.

The relations between classical culture and early Christianity have been studied in those Fathers who are among the most important in this aspect. Bibliography can be found in the articles on these Fathers. I cite here two exemplary works: H.-I. Marrou, Saint Augustin et la fin de la culture antique, Paris 1938, with Retractatio, 1949 It. tr. Milan 1994; J. Fontaine, Isidore de Sville et la culture classique dans l’Espagne Wisigothique, 2 vols., Paris 1959. General works include: C.N. Cochrane, Christianity and Classical Culture, Oxford 1940; H.-I. Marrou, Storia dell’educazione nell’antichit , tr. from Fr., Rome 1966 2nd ed.; H. Hagendahl, Latin Fathers and the Classics, Gteborg 1958. F.J. Dlger’s periodical, Antike und Christentum, M¼nster in Westfalen 1950 6 vols. and supplement is dedicated to this problem. It is continued under Th. Klauser’s direction in Jahrbuch f¼r Antike und Christentum, from 1958, and its supplements. But the most important undertaking is that of Th. Klauser in the Reallexikon f¼r Antike und Christentum, Stuttgart more than 20 volumes have come out since 1950.

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