Hi this is Angela and, I am in the happiest place in the world the Disneyland in California, I’m towards the end of my day. But I had a fantastic day. I spend zero time in line why. I have a few tricks to do that and as usual, I’m gonna show these tricks with you today. I will also tell you the best in favorite restaurants in Disney especially those that serve healthy yummy vegan food. I learned the hard way. I will also show you my best and favorite rides ride it today and let’s go back before. I share with you my number one tag how to avoid lines at Disneyland let me tell you what are my favorite masking things while you hear Donald. I think. I want Donald Oh a Chippendale this is awesome there’s Donald now that. I have my ears. I can dream a absolute baby right here at Disneyland that you have two messages number one would be Space Mountain it’s a little scary because you write in the dark oh my god ever comes to stuff like that, I’m terrified every time by though.


I use everybody’s from the ride happy not scared at all and if you like to play with her dryers then bus Lightyear Astro blasters will be a perfect right for you you actually get sport by the how would you shoot with your laser. I was a horizont it’s technically water ride but it was. So much fun to plant trees and gives you a beautiful beautiful view overlooking and tired this is an online two top favorite right Indiana Jones. I did it four times that day it’s very scary. So it’s definitely for adults, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it definitely add it to your list and right after it. I got to do something even cooler take a look at that putting in line to make Darth Vader if you ever watched Ellen taking through producer to the haunted house you might think that. I five bit too much for you but this is not. I get scared very easy about this was a lot and my most favorite orbiter there that was the best. I could really feel like you didn’t see the entire part supply above it and if you want something more classy. I recommend this original all right and now let’s talk about food shall we unfortunately there aren’t a lot of healthy vegetarian slash taking options and this exam.

I have found a few as you can see on the screen this is their vegan salad wasn’t great but it’s not terrible however. I do have my most amazing restaurant for you to take a look at and absolutely go to whenever you get a chance this one is gorgeous and closes mmm love for tonight but you want to come here earlier hope you nice restaurants and, I am NOT an ambassador of white sugar and wheat however something about visiting a giant candy store makes you feel like a little kid and now let me share with you my number one disney hack out there it is doing your research and finding out where you can get those fast passes what is it it’s basically a car that you can get for certain rights there is a limit per person but it’s free and it sends you got it looks exactly like this there are little booths available right next to your rides you clean your ticket you get those special passes and you’re all set take a look. I am skipping this entire line of people that would otherwise take me about two to three hours of standing in line if still listen. I look how many people it’s completely free you just have to know to find these boots and get your pass pass and you’re all set to go uh when. I think back to the first time. I was in Disney and spent three hours in one line two hours in another line is such a buzzkill that now.

I can’t imagine visiting Disney without Fast Pass it’s not something Disney advertisers but it doesn’t hide it either it’s completely free there is a limit of how many passes you get per day but look another line and here we go. I think. I end up getting five or six passes that day and made my entire trip. So much more fun little kid here right now it’s about six o’clock and that’s the best time to go on right and the reason is because a lot of people leave with little kids a lot of people start having dinner and at there’s a parade. So a lot of people hire already as you can see start sitting on the verge of the Main Street to say this best spot for the parade but if you are tall and you know you wanna you know the phrase about the parade and you just don’t wanna do it later than o’clock the best time to end your rights outline another tip is to always rent a locker and bring an extra sweater because it gets very very cold here in California the moment the Sun Goes Down. So you want to have that extra sweater but you don’t want like it around. So use the lockers available here super useful love it the hassle is all worked out someone’s getting married today which. I do know you can get married in Disneyland but you can’t a family have, to please and, I think it’s such a great idea you know late at night and the park is closed and you can do it and, I’m hitting us it’s in the air. I really hope you’re gonna use these treats for yourself because they’re awesome and save you a lot of time I’ve learned a hard way when. I was first. I went to the incident like literally three hours in one line crazy. So that was painful but now. I know what to do to look them up thanks for reading my posts And I’ll see you next time bye.

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