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Best destinations in america for Th s, he was inclined to rediate Bddhism, which he considered a roblematic foreign ideology, a ssicion that has a long legacy in East Asia stemming from the time of the sression of all non- native religions in China in 845 Still, some of his insights ring tre in regard to the foibles of the sometimes atocratic Zen temle system, which over the years has seen fi nancial misdeeds and sexal indiscretions cloaked by cltic secrecy in all of East Asia Sorters of Zen adamantly diste claims that koans are sed in inaroriate or invalid ways Th ey arge that the rimary aim of stdying cases is to romote serenity by comelling trainees to srass etty confl icts Th is is a loft y and generally nattainable goal that is easily misreresented by otsiders to the ractice or mishandled by a cole of crackot leaders Even Mishima’s critical athorial voice may be sortive, between the lines, of the way the abbot ses the koan case of a cat getting ct in two in his sermon, given that the war was ending Th is story becomes an ideal meta hor to oint ot the ftility of all hman confl ict, even thogh the novice was not able to gras the signifi cance of the abbot’s crytic case commentary Best destinations in america 2016

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