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The imperial palace city and camp. Also fashionable at the same time and still was the idea of a Constantinian initiative, related to the growing interest probably caused by the rise of totalitarian ideologies in the theory of imperial power. The hypothesis was that Constantine might have given his architects his own house as a model to accommodate the king of heaven. The inexact etymology given by Isidore of Seville in the 7th c., who derived the term basilica from a royal dwelling, seems to agree with this theory. Best country to visit in May Since then some have sought to find the origin of the Christian basilica in a standard plan of the imperial palace of the late empire, which they thought to recognize in Diocletian’s retirement residence at Salona Split in Dalmatia, in that attributed to Maximian or his son Maxentius at Piazza Armerina in Sicily, in Theodoric’s palace at Ravenna as reconstructed by E. Dyggve on the basis of the famous mosaic of S. Apollinare Nuovo, and in various other secondary monuments, since the plan of the great residential palaces is not known for Constantinople, Milan, Nicaea, Antioch, and only very partially if the identification is exact for Trier and Thessalonica.

It has been ascertained that this standard plan is a myth. We have objected that the split plan did not contain a reception room in the axis of the peristyle basilica discoperta, according to Dyggve and that court ceremonies had no raison d’ªtre there Urbs, 1961-62. I have demonstrated that the Ravenna mosaic, like many images of the time, showed the palace under the aspect of a Christian basilica, a fact that is now reversing the theory of derivation Cahiers archologiques, 1965. And the villa of Piazza Armerina was certainly not built for an emperor. Other theories related to the previous ones deserve only a mention, since they are even more unlikely: the theory that, on the pretext that the church was sometimes evoked as the heavenly Jerusalem, it derives from a town plan in which the imperial residence was situated at the end of an axial boulevard, or the theory that likens the basilica to the arrangement of a military camp, where the praetorium was placed at the end of the main avenue.

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