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Double or triple attributions are also frequent, which demands of the editor of catenae texts a detailed and patient investigation to determine to which of the two or three exegetes the fragment should be assigned or perhaps even that it belongs to none of them. The same process of verification must frequently also be applied to texts attributed to a single author, Best country to visit in central america esp. in cases in which the various catenae differ as to origin; but even for a univocal attribution it is always wise to raise reasonable doubts. The catena tradition, in fact, much more so than the direct tradition, is exposed to manipulation and forgery. Over time, the early diligence in indicating the name of the author gradually diminished to the point where compilers and amanuenses omitted it entirely, creating difficult problems of attribution for editors. An evolution also occurred regarding the authors drawn upon. Early on, only two or at most three were chosen, one from the Alexandrian school and the other from the Antiochene, almost as if to offer the two senses, allegorical and literal. Gradually, however, the number of authors increased, while at the same time the total number of extracts chosen decreased. II. Eastern catenae. These catenae are in the Syriac, Armenian and Coptic languages, translated from the Greek or compiled based on or in additiona to indigenous authors. A Syriac catena of the whole Bible was composed in the 9th c. by the monk Severus. We know of an even older catena 7th c., of which the Syriac manuscript 852 in the British Museum is a copy; it is anonymous, like the later one known by the title Gannat bussame or Garden of delights 12th c.

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