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With these structural changes, lay ministries diminished; they no longer spoke of the doctores audientium, as in the 3rd c., but of the great catechistbishops see O. Pasquato, I Padri educatori, 74ff., of the deacons and presbyters who cared for the catechumens a clericalization of the ministries attached to the catechumenatediscipleship. Best countries to visit in july Moreover, what we can observe in the 4th c. attests that the bishops reproposed the principles of the tradition, involving the link between faith and sacrament and life: the sacrament only saves one who has a lifetransforming faith: Faith receives its perfection from baptism, but baptism is based on faith Basil, On the Holy Spirit 18,28. Simon Magus also drew near the washing: he was bathed in it, but not enlightened. His body was immersed in the water, but he did not open his soul to the light of the Spirit Cyr. of Jer., Protocat. 2. Despite the efforts of pastors, the true catechumenatediscipleship no longer existed. This is shown by a comparison of the archetype of the Trad. ap. and its later reworkings between the 4th and 5th c. with their archetype, Book 8 of the Apostolic Constitutions: a gradual process of maturation of the initial decision of faith passed to a liturgical-pastoral institution, certainly useful, but of a clearly inferior quality G. Groppo, Catecumenato, 136. However, if now the anxiety to gain neophytes seemed to predominate among pastors, this in turn provided a strong encouragement to baptism rather than delaying it for those whom they had prepared with an in-depth catechesis during the brief but intense Lenten period. The framework in which everything took place was faithfulness to the principle of two stages, one of catechumens, the other of illuminandi or competentes. The bishops, in any case, relied on an intensive prebaptismal preparation: a Lenten period or a mini-catechumenate.

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