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Best countries to visit in september on GERLACH COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY Jiang Zemin (1926 ) A VIRTUAL UNKNOWN UNTIL 1989, when he was picked as the next general secretary of the Chinese Com- 444 Jevons, William Stanley munist Party (CCP), Jiang Zemin can best be described as traditional, a devoted communist, and Western in his economic orientation. Jiang’s roots are traditional: As a young child, he was given up for adoption as male heir to the family of an uncle killed in combat after joining the CCP. His firm background in revolutionary martyrdom positioned Jiang to rise in the CCP: In 1943 he participated in the CCP students’ movement, joining the party in 1946. One year later, at age 21, he graduated with an electricalengineering degree from a Shanghai University. During the tumultuous Cultural Revolution, he kept a low profile; however, as the pragmatic Deng Xiaoping rose to power and began to liberalize CHINA’s economic policies, Jiang began to gain influence. He was elected a member of the CCP Central Committee at the Twelfth CCP National Congress in 1982, oversaw the development of Shanghai’s first stock exchange, and was appointed China’s electronics industry minister in 1983. Two years later, as mayor of Shanghai, he brought in venture capital from HONG KONG, JAPAN, and the West. Best countries to visit in september 2016.

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