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Best countries to visit in june for As for the Babylonian astrologers, we have evidence that they believed that omens relating to the Moon could speak of conception or childbirth. For example, they believed that if the Moon was surrounded by a halo within which was Scorpius, then high priestesses would conceive. Consequently, in light of the fact that verses ? portray Virgo as having become pregnant, there is good reason to wonder if the Moon’s presence in the celestial scene on September , BC, detailed in verse , would have been interpreted as suggesting that Virgo had at that auspicious moment conceived her special child.Having introduced the main actors in verses we must now consider the narrative that unfolds in these verses. The Course of the Celestial Drama in Revelation The wonder of Revelation has three essential elements The crowned Virgo is clothed with the Sun and has the Moon under her feet. Virgo is pregnant. Virgo is crying out because she is in labor and in torment due to giving birth or in order to give birth. Best countries to visit in june 2016.

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